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Chinese Cities Are Sinking Rapidly

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: Major cities across China are sinking, putting a substantial portion of the country's rapidly urbanizing population in harm's way in the coming decades, according to a sweeping new analysis by Chinese …

via Slashdot April 19, 2024

Running Gogs on a RISC-V machine

If you happen to have a RISC-V SBC (probably a VisionFive 2 or a newer board), you might want to install Gogs (and not Gitea or Forgejo, fuck ecosystem fragmentation) to host your private git repositories, the only problem is that there is no Gogs binary …

via sizeof(cat) April 19, 2024

Tesla recalls Cybertrucks over accelerator crash risk

The electric car company, run by Elon Musk, is recalling thousands of what is its latest vehicle.

via BBC News April 19, 2024
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